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IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Secretary’s Report

We had a great meeting in March. Bill & Karl Rabe opened the meeting as our featured magician's of the month. Bill produced a three-foot rabbit from a top hat using a bike-pump magic wand.

Then Karl and Bill performed their original take on Stratosphere called Tennis Sphere. Bill has a new job pumping air into the tennis ball can, but he keeps pumping too hard and the pink ball won't stay on top. Complete instructions for making Tennis Sphere can be found in The Inventor's Notebook #5. Finally Karl and Bill performed Rabe's Nest of Boxes, a tribute to Tommy Wonder. A watch borrowed from Bob Goodwin to keep time for an action ends up getting smashed along with the table it is on. The watch is later found inside two locked boxes, proving once again that a Timex can take a lickin' and keep on ticking'.

Phil Mann performed a version of Scotch and Soda using a record album and an upside-down wine glass. Phil also performed a coin through handkerchief and gave some pointers on the French Drop.

Ken MaGee shared some of his Golf Act and character Sandy Wedge. Ken correctly predicted a total golf score that had been tallied by several members of the audience.

Dan Jones shared a coin matrix routine he has been working on "The Great British Coin Trick". Springboarding off of Dan's routine, Sean shared his superb version of the coin matrix using full size dollar coins.

These notes were reconstructed after-the-fact, so apologies if anyone was missed.

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