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IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Secretary’s Report

Our meeting was called to order by Dan Jones and we kicked off with our round-table question, "What big illusion inspires you the most"? A number of people liked Metamorphosis. Also mentioned were Zig-Zag, Origami, Interlude, sawing in half, levitations and Assistants Revenge.

Then member Bob Goodwin, our resident numbers guy,  kicked us of with a variety of mathematical related effects. As Dr. Zoltan he performed a prediction effect, a comedy number prediction with a clip-board that made mind readers of the audience and several other number effects. Bob then explained the principles behind the effects using a Magic Square, a 2-digit number force, a 3-digit number force and a force square.

Bob Goodwin as Dr. Zoltan

Next President Dan Jones walked us through some bits of business, including updates on the club picnic which had a great turnout, the upcoming Pop-Up Magic Shop (Flea Market) and the upcoming Parlor Show.

Then it was on to member performances.

  • Ming and Barbara Loui performed with their classic Collector's Workshop snake basket.
  • Karl and Bill did their original "Duo-Sphere" routine where the colored balls magically switch places between two stratospheres. That led into an original version of the 6 card repeat called "Bill's 3 Card Trick".
  • Next, Kevin Peshik performed a "foolproof" any card at any number type routine where the deck turns out to be all jokers except one.
  • Phil Mann performed several routines including the crystal cube silk production, a silk vanishing wand, a color changing die, silk to rose and a necklace trick.
  • Dan Jones performed a coin vanish using sound effects.
  • Finally, Mike Bogdas selected Charlie as a volunteer for a card selection and reveal.

Then it was on to fellowship and magic jamming for the remainder of the evening.



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