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IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Secretary’s Report

We had a good turnout at a new meeting venue this month. Kerby's Koney Island.

Kerby's Koney

Ming and Barbara Louie kicked us off with a great set. Ming opened with a routine reminiscing about his Grandfather performing magic for him as a child. Ming produced a number of coins from a silk, vanished them only for them to reappear audibly and visibly in a wine glass. Next Ming performed a three-ring linking ring routine. Then Rob Krozel and Sean Neas were brought up to assist with the Cloth and Rope of Death. A comedy rope escape routine. Finally Ming performed a great floating table illusion concluding with a liberal distribution of fairy dust amongst the audience to solicit good behavior and kindness.

Self introductions were conducted where we learned a disproportionate number of members attended Schoolcraft College.

Then the raffle was held and Dan Jones was the proud winner of beautiful print of Bancroft. This colorful print was expertly framed and generously donated by Kevin Peshik.

Dan Jones Raffle Winner

Finally members performed some magic.

  • Dan Jones produced a large flower from an apparently empty vase.
  • John Russell performed a routine that took us through September 11, Professor's Nightmare, patriotism, and concluded with a silk blendo producing a huge American Flag.
  • Ron Hoole performed a routine where he created a tiny mind reading dog from Mardi Gras beads and then the dog attempted to predict a menu selection made by Barbara Louie.
  • Karl Rabe demonstrated a routine involving Topsy-Turvey bottles redecorated as magical potions. Barbara Louie successfully learned the Invertus spell and was able to make the bottle flip over. Finally an iPhone WE (Wizard's Edition) was attempted to be produced with a combination of potions and incantations, however due to an error an eyeball was produced instead of an iPhone.
  • Michale demonstrated a routine using Peak Smith to successfully predict an apparently randomly chosen number and card.
  • Finally Ron Hoole was back with a Beatles prediction where a card selected randomly by several people collectively was found to have the predicted Beatles song written on the back. Was "Phil" the 6th Beatle?

John Russell Flag Blendo

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