Ann Arbor Magic Club

IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Secretary’s Report

Thank you Mike Bodgas for taking notes during the meeting in Karl's absence.

President Dan Jones kicked us off with self introductions and question of the month, "What is your 3rd favorite thing about magic".

Then it was a few quick business updates. Dan Jones reminded us that elections will be coming up before we know it. Anyone wishing to run for a Board position should reach out to Dan Jones directly.

Then it was on to member performances.

  • Phil Mann performed a Floating Zombie Head routine, a levitating skull, a ghost trick and a shattering glass routine.
  • Mike Bodgas performed a comedy card prediction. A prediction was shown to the audience and sealed in an envelope. A spectator was selected and appeared to select the prediction. The spectators card was revealed to be different but miraculously matched the prediction.
  • John Russell performed a trick from "Self-working Card Tricks" by Karl Fulves. This book is readily available on the used market.

  • Johnny New York performed a unique variation on Caleb Wiles 26! which Johnny calls 26 Factorial Cubed (26!^3).
  • Dalton Cahill wrapped up with a Book Prediction.

Then Sean Naes went through a bill switch tutorial with the club.










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