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IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Broken Wand

Friends, Family and many from the Magic community attended a memorial service held for John Osborne at the Bone Yard Restaurant in Livonia, MI. (Photos courtesy of Jackie Clark). Tad Dickerson bought a seven foot canvas sideshow banner of John as Doc Robin Steel. John's family was well represented and appreciative of the gathering. Many shared thoughts and remembrances of John. Jeff Hobson sent a video message that was played. The AAMC Board conducted a broken wand ceremony. And finally Michael Mode led everyone in a final standing ovation for John.

AAMC Board Conducts the Broken Wand Ceremony (L-R) Rob Krozal (Treasurer),
Don Oesterwind (Sgt at Arms), Karl Rabe (Secretary), Dan Jones (President), Sean Howell (Vice-Press).

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