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As a reoccurring feature of the Magic Messenger we will highlight a member and ask them to answer a few questions about themselves.

This month the "Spotlight" is on Jim Folkl. Jim is a long time member who has moved a bit further away so unfortunately we don't see him too often. He is a gifted performer with a keen sense of humor and a talent for comedy.




Where did you grow up / where have you lived? 

St. Louis MO, Cedar Rapids Iowa, Detroit MI

How did you get started in magic? 


My father showed me a few tricks from C Lang Neil's book, The Modern Conjurer

What type of magic do you perform? 

Principally stand up. In my youth I did a manipulative silent act.

What is your favorite magic book? 

C Lang Neil's The Modern Conjurer (sentimental value)

Who is your favorite Magician of all time? 


Do you have any words of wisdom for newer magicians?

There are no bad tricks. The performer has to make the effect his/her own to elevate it to prominence.

Photos of Jim bring us a blast from the past...


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