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On the Cover

By Karl Rabe

Magic Messenger November 2022

Photo by Tracy Howell

On the cover the club takes a bow at the conclusion of their October Parlor Show. Performers (Left to right), Ming and Barbara Louie, Phil Mann, Johnny New York, Mike Bogdas, Bill and Karl Rabe, Dalton Pittman-Cahill, Dan Jones and Sean Naes. Not pictured from behind the scenes, Tracy Howell, Jim Molnar, Rob Krozal, Kevin Peshik, Jackie Clark, Pat Rabe, Carl Wallace, Rosmary, Ashley, Jake and Casey Bodgas.

In This Issue


President's Corner

By Dan Jones

We've had a fun and magical fall so far with our successful Flea Market in September and our Club Parlor Show in October. We will have a full report on the show at our meeting on Nov. 9th.
Speaking of our meeting it is this Wednesday at 7-9pm at the Plymouth Community Arts Council.
  • The magic theme for this meeting is "Appearing" Magic. What do you have to show us? What can you or will you make appear?  Cards? Coins? Silks? Livestock? We all have something so bring it and show it off.
  • Ming is planning to deliver a lecture to the club on Wednesday featuring "How to Dress Like a Magician". I'll bet he has a lot of tips and helpful hints to share.
On a more somber note I think most of you have heard that magician and long-time founding member John Osborn passed away in late October. There will be a gathering this Friday, Nov. 11th at 2:30 pm at the Boneyard restaurant on Plymouth Rd. in Livonia. The officers of the AAMC will conduct a Broken Wand Ceremony. Please feel free to attend even if you didn't know John. This will be an opportunity to learn about his life and career. It is not mandatory, but you can help us with headcount if you register here if you plan to attend the event.

The Broken Wand

By Karl Rabe

Sadly, we lost a founding member of the club this month, John Osborne.

Ming Louie writes...

John Edward Osborne, 83, of Detroit, Michigan died October 24, 2022. He was a founding member of Ring 210. John was born June 13, 1939 in Grosse Pointe Michigan. He graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelor's degree in psychology and spent his entire life performing as a Magician, Ventriloquist, Medicine Show Pitchman, and Punch & Judy Puppeteer.

He wrote many books on comedy, double talking, and vent dummies. Most of his creative output was sold by Abbotts Magic in Colon, Michigan and is still available today. John was both friend and acquaintance to the greats and near-greats. A young Jeff Hobson once worked as a roady for John. John He worked extensively through the Midwest and Canada performing for many years at the Canadian National Exhibition and the Calgary Stampede along with boiler room tours and as a booking agent.

He was a generous and kind elder statesman among magicians, and represented an earlier era of performer whose entire life was given over to magic and to whom the romance of the road never diminished. He is survived by his older brother Raymond, Raymond's wife Judith, two nephews, a niece, and cousin Mary Lou of Detroit.

A hui hou John.
Ming Louie

Club Member Kevin Peshik wrote John Osborne's biography. He provided the below pictures from his archives.

Karl Rabe here: On a personal note, I first really met John at one of our club banquets, photo below. John was an elder statesman of the profession that was quick witted and possessed a seaminess endless number of jokes and anecdotes to keep one regaled.

Karl Rabe and John Osborne


Expect more about John in the next issue of the Magic Messenger.


By Karl Rabe

As a reoccurring feature of the Magic Messenger we will highlight a member and ask them to answer a few questions about themselves.

This month the "Spotlight" is on Jim Folkl. Jim is a long time member who has moved a bit further away so unfortunately we don't see him too often. He is a gifted performer with a keen sense of humor and a talent for comedy.




Where did you grow up / where have you lived? 

St. Louis MO, Cedar Rapids Iowa, Detroit MI

How did you get started in magic? 


My father showed me a few tricks from C Lang Neil's book, The Modern Conjurer

What type of magic do you perform? 

Principally stand up. In my youth I did a manipulative silent act.

What is your favorite magic book? 

C Lang Neil's The Modern Conjurer (sentimental value)

Who is your favorite Magician of all time? 


Do you have any words of wisdom for newer magicians?

There are no bad tricks. The performer has to make the effect his/her own to elevate it to prominence.

Photos of Jim bring us a blast from the past...


Secretary's Report

By Karl Rabe

Our meeting in October was focused on. rehearsal performances for our club show at the end of October.

President Dan Jones announced that the Flea Market was a success. Treasurer Rob Krozal then gave us a run down on the numbers. Overall we Grossed $1,107 and Netted $1,065. Big thanks to those that donated magic for the club's benefit, to those that volunteered to make the event possible and to our Sgt at Arms Don Oesterwind for coordinating to make the facility available at no charge.

Then it was on to rehearsals.

  • Phil Mann kicked us off with an effect where spirits shattered a wine glass, under glass. Then a member of the audience was selected and they were levitated in a mysterious comedy levitating skeleton routine.
  • Karl & Bill Rabe performed their "Bottle and Glass Trick?". A comedy 2-person multiplying bottle routine.
  • Johnny NY performed a multi-card selection and reveal where a half dozen audience members had their cards found.
  • Mike Bodgas performed a comedy perverse card selection and reveal.
  • Dalton Pittman-Cahill performed a Edgar Alan Poe themed divination with Book Marks.
  • Ming and Barbara wrapped up. First Ming regaled us with tales of his Grandfather's magic and produced silver dollars from a silk. The silver dollars vanished and then "flew" into an empty wine glass. Next up was a three ring linking ring routine. For the finale, Barbara was the subject in a tube and sword penetration.

On Friday October 28, 2022 our club held their first Parlor Show. It was a sell-out crowd and a great success. Photos by Pat Rabe, Sean & Tracy Howell, Kelli Blow and Jackie Clark.

Bill Rabe presents Stage Manager Tracy Howell with flowers and a gift card to her favorite Tubby Subs. Master of Ceremonies Sean Howell (Naes) was discretely presented with a bottle of bourbon.

Additional thanks go to these folks not pictured...

  • Daniel Kearsey for creating our poster free of charge. Daniel Kearsey is a graphic designer and artist specializing in sports and entertainment illustration. His work often focuses on trading card illustration, poster design and more. Learn more about Daniel at

  • Bob Goodwin suggested the idea of hanging door tags in the neighborhoods around the art center and did some research with the City on what was permitted.
  • Carl Wallace ran the sound for the show.



Around the Town

By Karl Rabe

Upcoming Events


Check out John Luka's Magic page and his well maintained list of Michigan Events

All AAMC Events and details can be viewed on the website calendar.

Funny Business

By Karl Rabe

A couple club members at the American Museum of Magic...


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