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Several of us travel to see Marvin Mathena perform at his retirement home in Canton. Bill Rabe, Kevin Peshik and Karl Rabe made the trip.

Marvin is a AAMC Lifetime Member and a retired professional magician who is now about 87 years old. Marvin is a former president of the Ann Arbor Magic Club and also a former president of the Detroit Magic club.

Marvin’s set included a number of silk and streamer productions, a ball and vase, a nice Gozinto box routine with the boxes decorated as dice, an egg bag routine, What’s Next?, an interesting reversing arrow routine and a comedy Multiplying Bottles routine alá Abbott and Costello with a staff member trained as an assistant. Well done Marvin!

Marvin mentioned after the show that the Butterfly Silk pictured below has traveled around the world!

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