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The Inventor’s Notebook #22 – Ultimate IT – Breaking the Law

The Inventor's Notebook #21
Ultimate IT - Breaking the Law
By Karl Rabe
April1, 2021


Once in a life time a magic inventor may be lucky enough to develop a unique method to an effect which has been performed for centuries.

Greats such as Done Wayne, Tommy Wonder, Okito, Losander, Luis De Matos and even Teller have all put their unique twist on this effect

I have the humble honor of adding my name to that list with what I feel is clearly the most magical and baffling performance of the floating ball.

It isn't often that I would even consider sharing a secret of this magnitude with club members, knowing that David Copperfield himself could be knocking at my door any second offering a small fortune to buy the exclusive rights to this incredible method.

The brotherhood however motivates me to give back as others have given so generously to me. Consequently I have decided that today is the day to share this method on the condition of absolute secrecy.

This week I will share a video of my performing this effect which I call "Breaking the Law". Next month will be an extensive writeup outlining the complex mechanics that make this effect possible. Click the image below to watch the video via YouTube. Enjoy and stay tuned next month for the big reveal.











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