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The Inventor’s Notebook #10 – Fleas, Foibles and Follies

The Inventor’s Notebook #10 Fleas, Foibles and Follies Karl Rabe For the final edition of The Inventor’s Notebook for 2017, I’ll be rambling on fleas, foibles and follies. In 1933, my Grandfather took my Father as a child to the Chicago World Fair (subtitled A Century of Progress). Grandfather didn’t allow him to see Sally […]

The Inventor’s Notebook #7 – The Wonder of Magic

The subject for this month’s Inventor’s Notebook was inspired by Club Secretary Joaquin Ayala, Ph.D. Ex Libris column in the August Newsletter. If you haven’t read it I encourage you to do so. Although I always loved watching magic, my interest in practicing magic started when I received Mattel’s Magic Showstoppers Showcase for Christmas. The […]

The Inventor’s Notebook Issue #5 – Tennis-Sphere

Last month in Issue #4, I detailed my latest creation, a two-man Strat-O-Sphere I call DuoSphere. I wrapped up that issue by saying… “A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum”, or should I say a funny thing happened in developing DuoSphere. As I was wrapping up the DuoSphere build and looking over […]

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