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The Inventor’s Notebook #17 – The Haunted Website

The Inventor's Notebook #16
The Haunted Website
Karl Rabe

For the past 6 years, the AAMC Website has been haunted. If you look closely at the left and right sides of the web site, you will see faded images of magicians of yore.





My challenge to you is to identify each of these magician's.


The ghost images on our website.


I'll make it easy for you. Here is the full contrast image.


Identify the magicians by number.



These are clues in case you get stuck.

  1. Self proclaimed King of Cards
  2. An Austrailian transplanted to Michigan
  3. Chicago born Henry Boughton
  4. Abbott’s Chief Magician in Residence
  5. The Handcuff King
  6. Original member of NY Inner Circle
  7. Your Show of Shows star as Lou Bundles
  8. World's Second Greatest Magician
  9. Houdini told him “come out of the sticks”
  10. Abbott’s manipulation award namesake
  11. Blackstone Jr’s Godfather
  12. Long running radio serial character
  13. Thomas Edison built a prop for him
  14. 6 time Get Together performer
  15. Twin Pines original


You can now find the answer by clicking the image below.

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