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Ex Libris June 2015

Hello fellow magi and welcome to the Ex Libris article for June 2015! I hope you are all enjoying the summer! The book in the spotlight this month is a book that no conjuring library should be without and was in fact the very first book on magic that I got from a magic shop. […]

Ex Libris May 2015

Hello fellow Magi and welcome to the Ex Libris article for the month of May, 2015! This month being our first foray into this article, I thought it most appropriate to start with what many consider to be a foundational book, among one of the first comprehensive books written on conjuring, The Discoverie of Witchcraft […]

Arcanum May 2015

AAMC ~ ARCANUM – May 2015

ar•ca•num – (ɑrˈkeɪ nəm) n., pl. -na (-nə). – [1590–1600; < Latin, neuter (used as n.) of arcānus arcane] 1. a secret accessible only to the few; mystery. 2. a powerful remedy; elixir. Welcome Theurgists! Please note that this is the inaugural column dedicated to: Retrieving – Retaining – Reveling …in the History of the AAMC!

Ex Libris April 2015

Hello folks and welcome to our newest newsletter feature, the monthly article called ‘Ex Libris’ (Eh-cks LEE-breese), meaning ‘From the Book’. Generally you will see this term used on bookplates to denote that it came from the library of its owner, ‘From the library of John Russell’. My aim with this article is to encourage […]

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