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Ex Libris May 2015

Hello fellow Magi and welcome to the Ex Libris article for the month of May, 2015! This month being our first foray into this article, I thought it most appropriate to start with what many consider to be a foundational book, among one of the first comprehensive books written on conjuring, The Discoverie of Witchcraft […]

Arcanum May 2015

AAMC ~ ARCANUM – May 2015

ar•ca•num – (ɑrˈkeɪ nəm) n., pl. -na (-nə). – [1590–1600; < Latin, neuter (used as n.) of arcānus arcane] 1. a secret accessible only to the few; mystery. 2. a powerful remedy; elixir. Welcome Theurgists! Please note that this is the inaugural column dedicated to: Retrieving – Retaining – Reveling …in the History of the AAMC!

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