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The Secretary’s Report

Our meeting was called to order by President Dan Jones. Dan introduced our newest member, Alex Heath. Welcome Alex!

January Meeting

Then it was on to the Question of the Month. This month the question was "What do you collect OTHER than magic?" Answers were wide ranging and besides the expected coins, cards and stamps, more unusual collections included carpenter pencils, meteorites, Rupert Bear books.

Our president Dan Jones shared some bits of business. There was a reminder that dues are due and can be paid to our treasurer or online at the website. We had a quick treasurer's report from our treasurer Ron Krozal. Dan also reminded us that Nathan Kranzo would be lecturing in March.

Moving on to our educational segment, Dan Jones, Karl Rabe, Sean Naes, Ming Louie and Don Oesterwind all contributed to a discussion of magic tables. Probably 15 different styles of tables were on display and we walked though the types, their names and a variety of ways to make your own table in different styles. Karl shared a handout that provided details and links on different tables and hardware components that can be used to make your own table from thrift store finds. Sean shared his "busking" table he made that is in the waiter tray stand style. Ming displayed a table he built many years ago that breaks down flat using hinges with the pins replaced by stiff wires for easy break down. Ming shared some finishing tips to make tables look good on stage. Ming also brought in a Collector's Workshop "banjo table" and an Instand table.

Then it was on to performances.

  • Ming performed his Rope of Death comedy rope escape using Charlie Palko and Kaylin Janiczek as volunteers.
  • Charlie Palko premiered onstage and entertained us with a few food-related effects. First was a multiple phase M&M package transformation culminating in a sugar free bag of Doritos. Then a nickel and a small magic wand were transformed into a Lolli-pop which then magically became wrapped. Finally, a card selected by Kaylin was shown to have been predicted by a card in Charlies pocket. It was a great set of routines for a premier performance. Well done Charlie!
  • Our newest member Alex Heath performed an impresive routine using TCCs Indian Cups and Balls. Then he walked us through some mini-chop cup moves.
  • Kinetic Kay performed a plate spinning routine she is working on keeping 3 plates going all at once with one of them balanced on her chin.
  • Mike Doyle performed a Tarrot card version of a routine from 13 Steps and ID7, a calculator trick with imaginary dice.
  • Dan Jones was next with a topsy-turvy shot glass in a box routine with a nice script relating the effect to Bob Goodwin's first solo-flight.
  • Then April Barrett did a nice version of the coloring book using a paint palette.
  • Finally and to close the meeting, Phil Mann demonstrated a variety of Invisible Thread (IT) effects including a floating rose, dancing cane and the Floating Sphere which Phil purchased from Charlotte Pendragon.

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