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IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Secretary’s Report

November's meeting kicked off with introductions and the question, "If you were a color, what color would you be?" A guest, Bou-yu Chen also introduced himself. There was a lot of red, white and blue throughout the group with a few slimming blacks and some yellow.

  • Our treasurer reported that the Parlor Show grossed $815 and netted $562.
  • Sean informed the group that for the next show, we plan to have two shows (Matinee and Eventing) and will also have a program and sell advertising, to generate further revenue.
  • The board informed the club that plans for the Banquet were scrapped.

Next was a Mini-Lecture by Ming Louie. The topic was how to control attention of your audience by eliminating distractions. Specifically how to avoid distractions by the way you are dressed. Ming discussed the importance of not creating a distraction by wearing ill-fitting cloths, appearing unkempt, unflattering wrinkles in your pants, etc. Ming shared a variety of ways to keep your shirt tucked in, including shirt stays, special sticky belts you can wear inside your waistband. He also shared a variety of commercial sources for clothing and accessories.

A number of club members chimed in with suggestions. Here is a partial consolidated list.

Next it was on to Magic.

  • Dan Jones presented a Scarf Box
  • Johnny New York did a Heart Production routine
  • Bou-yu wowed the audience with a traditional card manipulation act
  • Dan did something with a hot dog.
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