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The Secretary’s Report

In July we had our first meeting at our new location, the Plymouth Community Arts Center. President Dan Jones kicked us off by introducing our newest member Dalton Cahill. Then it was time for round-table introductions and each member answered the question: What is your favorite magic book. Many great books and authors were discussed including Tommy Wonder, Harry Loraine, The Royal Road to Card Magic, Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, and Roberto Giobbi. Then it was on to magic with Sean Naes as our featured performer.

Sean performed a color-changing liquid routine from his stage show. First three jars filled with water visibly changed to yellow, blue and red respectively as he juggled them in mid-air. All three liquids were poured in the bucket and then removed a cup-full at a time. Even though the liquid had been mixed, Sean produced a cup of Red, a cup of Yellow and a cup of Blue. Sean continued to mix and separate the colors several times. As a climax the pail was thrown towards the audience an a large multi-colored Kabuki streamer showered the front row.
















Back to business it was President Dan Jones reminded us of some important upcoming club events. See the Around the Town below for details.

Then it was time for members to perform.


  • Johnny New York baffled us with an original poker tell divination where four different spectators shuffled four parts of the deck and Ken Magee then counted down as many cards as he chose to select one card. Through a series of questions and poker tells, Johnny was able to divine the selected card without seemingly ever touching the deck.
  • Karl Rabe performed Michael Skinner's Mona Lisa card trick. The queen of spades was magically changed into a selected card with a puff of air.
  • Next John Russell performed a multi-phase lotto prediction routine he is working on to introduce in his Florida tour. Two Powerball numbers selected by spectators are correctly predicted and then number cards mixed and selected through a variety of choices by Johnny NY amazingly match a lottery ticket.
  • Michael Doyle demonstrated a die prediction and then a calculator number prediction  Richard Lax's ID7.
  • Mike Bodgas performed Supreme Magic's Popsy's Pegs using colorful inherited props. A color selected by Sean Neas was divined by a magical frame. Ribbons clipped to the frame represented the color choices and the ribbon corresponding to Sean's choice mysteriously popped off the Fram.
  • Dalton Cahill weaved a story of the Salem Witch Trials and through a Mike Bodgas' selection of angel and devil cards ended up spelling a demonic message.
  • Johnny New York was back with another original, "Card DNA". Cards are shuffled face up to face down and mixed thoroughly, but Johnny is able to sense the card's DNA with just his fingertips and make a seemingly never-ending series of baffling pronouncements / predictions about the cards; the number of face-up vs face-down cards, black vs red, number of clubs and ultimately correctly predicting the total number of remaining cards.
  • Dan Jones' honesty was tested with a spirit bell and to everyone's amusement found lacking when it came to his perception of his own prowess as a magician.

We wrapped up with the door prize drawing for a beautifully framed poster of Chung Ling Soo, framed and donated by Kevin Peshik. Dan Jones was the lucky winner.

Dan Jones suspiciously reads (but did not draw) his own winning ticket to take home the Door Prize.


Finally we wrapped up with a beautiful and delicious cake adorned with the club logo, provided by Bob Goodwin to celebrate our new location.



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