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IBM 210 - SAM 88

The President’s Corner

Hello AAMC Members and Friends,

We are near the halfway point of the year and it has been a good year so far. The second half looks just as exciting with several events planned. Please consult the calendar of events elsewhere in the newsletter and mark down the dates so you won't miss any of the fun.

I've said it before here and I'll say it again. Our club is growing and is the place to be for magic.

We have a great membership roster of many magicians and performers. At our meetings I have witnessed new magicians learning from experienced ones and the young learning from the old. We can all learn from each other and I have learned many new things from those younger than me. Let's keep on learning from each other and sharing what we know.

We have full time performers, part time performers, second career magicians, hobbyist, historians and magic buffs all with experience and knowledge to share. Please, take advantage of these great resources.

And of course we have Rob Krozal, "the Ancient One" who has been around since time began. 🙂

See you all on Wednesday, June 12th for our meeting.

Dan Jones, President of Ann Arbor Magic Club.

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