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The President’s Corner

Hello Fellow Magi of the Ann Arbor Magic Club and Friends,

What was that joke in the Magic Messenge newsletter?

Q: "What's the difference between a magician and a computer?

A: The computer has 32 gigs.

Well if you're looking for opportunities to perform magic we can help.

At our April AAMC meeting on the 10th we are hosting the 2nd Annual Close Up Showcase where 6 members will perform a 5 minute close up routine to be voted on by the remaining members. Who wants to sign up? It's fun. It's easy. It's great practice and it's a confidence builder. If interested please see Mike Bogdas at the meeting.

Another chance to perform and hone your skills will be at our Plymouth Library Open House before the May Parlor Show. We are looking at the date of Saturday, May 18th usually around mid-day. We reserve a room and advertise to promote our club and the parlor show by performing magic and balloon animals. We'll need as many members as we can get to commit to a hour or two. We have a great time and manage to eat lunch in Plymouth also.

We try to make time at every meeting for you to show us your latest effect, move or routine that you're working on. And we're seeing some really good stuff.

I'm looking forward to the Kranzo lecture coming up at our March meeting. You won't want to miss it!

The AAMC is a great place to learn, perform, share and teach magic. We'll see you at the next meeting.

Dan Jones, President
Ann Arbor Magic Club.

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