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As a reoccurring feature of the Magic Messenger we will highlight a member and ask them to answer a few questions about themselves. This month the "Spotlight" is on our club President, Dan Jones. Dan performs magic and performs as a clown using the stage name "Tippy the Clown".

Where did you grow up / where have you lived? 

I was born in Detroit and grew up in Westland, Michigan. I have lived in the suburbs of Canton, Northville, Redford and now I reside in Livonia. I love Michigan and don't want to leave.

How did you get started in magic? 

Just like a lot of us I got started in magic when my brother Dave received an Adam's Magic kit as a present and we both performed the tricks. We took magic lessons as teenagers and visited Romig Magic shop and the Emporium of Magic to purchase some professional effects. We performed at family gatherings and for our scout troop. I kept on performing while my brother liked to build magic tables and tricks. I still have the Square Circle that he made. In 1980 as a senior in high school I saw a clown (Ray Woiohowski) performing the same tricks I was and having a lot more fun. So, I took a 4-H clown class and "Tippy the Clown" was born. I enjoy performing as Tippy or as Dan equally.

What type of magic do you perform? 

Mostly fun, family friendly and comedy magic. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Dan also performs as a Clown and does Balloon art.)

What is your favorite magic book? 

"Now You See It, Now You Dont". Lessons in sleight of hand. By Bill Tarr.  And Houdini - The man who walked through walls. By William Lindsay Gresham.

Who is your favorite Magician of all time? 

There are many influences: Houdini, David Copperfield, and Doug Henning. But my favorite is Harry Blackstone Jr.

Do you have any words of wisdom for newer magicians?

Perform for people whenever you can to gain experience. Watch others perform, not to copy them but to pick up tips on audience management, staging, style and flow of an act or routine. It's difficult but don't buy every new trick you see.

Dan Jones as Tippy the Clown

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