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As a reoccurring feature of the Magic Messenger we will highlight a member and ask them to answer a few questions about themselves. This month the "Spotlight" is on our featured performer for June, Bob Goodwin.

Where did you grow up / where have you lived? 

I was born and grew up in Wichita, Kansas. After graduating from Wichita State University in 1970, I served in the USAF for eight years, with assignments in the U.P., England, and Nebraska. I have lived in Plymouth since 1978.

How did you get started in magic? 

I've enjoyed watching magic since I was young (a very long time ago.) I got interested in performing and learning about magic after attending an AAMC meeting in around 2010. I enjoyed Kozmo's performance / lecture, and I was hooked.

What type of magic do you perform? 

I perform mentalism, mind reading, and ESP demonstrations, usually based on principles of math magic plus some humor.

What is your favorite magic book? 

My favorite magic book is 'How To Perform Feats of Mathematical Wizardry' by Harry Lorayne. I learned some very useful principles from this book, and his writing style is engaging.

Who is your favorite Magician of all time? 

I very much enjoyed watching Siegfried and Roy when I was in Vegas years ago.

Do you have any words of wisdom for newer magicians? 

  • When starting out, learn about all the different types of magic, to help you identify the types that you would like to perform...and PRACTICE.
  • An expensive routine performed without sufficient practice is not nearly as entertaining and magical as performing a simple routine that you've mastered and made your own.
  • When thinking about buying a new routine, ask yourself if you are willing to practice it however much it takes to master it. Your audience deserves nothing less from you.
  • Hang out with fellow magicians so you can try out new routines informally before they are "audience ready" and get unfiltered feedback.
  • Adopt a Continuous Improvement performance policy. After each performance in front of an audience:
    • Use audience reaction to improve -- what worked and what didn't, what to do more of/less of.
    • Ask your friends to give you HONEST feedback on the performance. Also ask your friends for their ideas for improving that performance.


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