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There is something happening every month at the Ann Arbor Magic Club. Here are highlights of the coming year. Mark your calendars. There will be an additional lecture.. guest and date to be determined.


Don't miss him at the Ann Arbor Magic Club meeting on Wednesday  March 13 at 7:00 PM at the Plymouth Community Arts Council 774 Sheldon Rd, Plymouth, MI.

Nathan Kranzo has performed and lectured all over the United States, Europe and Asia for the last two decades.

Nathan has written SEVEN magic books and created hundreds of magic effects. His original creations have been published in MAGIC, GENII, MUM, The Linking Ring, PENUMBRA...and the list goes on. He was also a columnist for MUM magazine for multiple years.

Nathan has worked as a consultant for Penn and Teller, appeared on the SyFy show "Wizard Wars", as well as the FOX show "Houdini and Doyle". Most recently Nathan was featured on the Chinese hit television series "The Amazing Magicians" which was the #1 show for TEN weeks in China!!!


  • EZ OIL & Water
    This is an amazing self working "oil and water" routine that happens in the spectators hands.
  • Dark Triumph
    Magic that happens in the spectator's own hands is a theme that you see a lot in Nathan's work. Why? Because it's hard to get anything stronger than that! Imagine, performing a version of Dai Vernon's TRIUMPH where the spectator gets to Shuffle. They immediately spread the cards and they are all facedown, except for their selection!!!!!!
    This is a routine that Kranzo uses as an opener for small groups. It combines visual magic with comedy and Kranzo uses this routine to talk about the psychology of social dynamics.
  • Moneyball
    This effect will astonish a four-year-old and a 94 year old. A quarter visually transforms into a rubber bouncy ball and can be immediately given away.
  • Schrödinger's Card
    Don't worry we won't poison a cat. But this piece of card magic is guaranteed fool you. Quite possibly the cleanest card transposition effect you'll ever see.


  • Repetition
    This was nominated for trick of the year in 2021!!! This is nathan's modern take on "six card, repeat". A stand-up card routine that can be done for a small or large audience, young or old, with built in comedy and a surprise ending. Oh and it's self working.
    Kranzo will teach several bits, gags and effects from his classic books Comedy For Magicians and Mentalists.


    Take any modern magazine and perform a MIRACLE. Imagine if you could perform the Mother Of ALL Book Tests with a page from a MAGAZINE.

All this and much MORE!!!!!!!

“I love your stuff…..great work!”

-David Copperfield


“VERY good lecture!”

-Jay Marshall


“One of the best lectures I’ve ever seen!!”

-Jack Carpenter


"Nathan never fails to astonish me every time we meet, he fools me badly."

-Joshua Jay


“Nate is part of The Next Generation of Magic. He has amazing work with everything from cards and coins to breath mints and tan lines (really!).”

-Steve Mayhew


"I was fortunate enough to catch Nate's lecture recently and he did an excellent job. His magic is extremely visual and very well routined."

-Steve Bedwell


“Magicians often claim there are no new effects in magic. Nathan Kranzo proves that’s a lie.”



“This lecture was one of the bes t I have attended i n a long time. If your group is looking for a GREAT night of entertainment with something for everybody I highly endorse booking Nate Kranzo.”

- Steve Zuehlke I.B.M. Ring 1 Presdent

All this is absolutely free to AAMC Members and Regional Club Members.

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