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  • As you may have heard, the NICK DIFFATTE lecture was cancelled. Nick had to return to Vegas sooner than expected, so his Belleville show was cancelled.

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Ming and Barbara

A number of club members turned out at the Canton Library to see Ming and Barbara perform for about 120 young kids. It was a great show and a lesson in how to take a "trick" and make it into "entertainment". Among other effects, Ming performed the Linking Rings, Miser's Dream and the Floating Table. For each of these three effects it was good to see how Ming did not "over do" any of the magic. He produced maybe a dozen coins for Miser's Dream. He used three rings for the Linking Rings. The Floating Table maybe had 120 seconds total of air time. Each effect amazed and entertained the audience but also left them wanting more. Every word and move had a reason and was logical. Well done Ming and Barbara!

April, Dan, Bill, Charlie, Karl, Barbara, Bob's Hat, Ming, John's head, Mike


Kinetic Kay

Kinetic Kay was walking tall on Mackinac Island for their annual Lilac Day Festival. Kay may appear taller in this picture than in real life, because she is wearing heels. What a great outfit!

Magic Camp

A number of club member's volunteered for the Plymouth Community Arts Council Magic Summer Camp. Over a period of 5 days (9am - noon), 8 young folks were taught magic and stage craft, culminating in putting on a show for their parents on the last day of the camp.  We will have a more detailed summary soon.

The Student Performers

The Teachers Charlie, Dan, Morgan (PCAC), Karl and Phil (not pictured Brian)

Students created a persona, selected a costume and created a poster for their act.

We actually had too many volunteers from the club this year. Thank you to Mike Bogdas, Michael Doyle, Jeff Boyer and April Barrett for volunteering even though it ended up we didn't use you.


A number of members attended a show in Ann Arbor put on by Alexander the Magician. There were a number of Ring 22 & 210 members in attendance.

Bill Rabe with Alexander the Magician


Members Karl, Bill and Patty attended Jay Gilligan's REFLEX show in Ann Arbor. If you ever get the opportunity to see Jay, it will blow your mind. We were lucky to get front row seats and I was amazed. Jay juggles 6 balls effortlessly and that is just the beginning...

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