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Mathamagically Speaking #4

Mathematically Speaking #4
The 1089 Force
Bob Goodwin

This month we will explore a simple technique to force the number 1089. This number is special because it can easily be forced in a convincing manner.


Step Action Example
1 Have the spectator select 3 different digits, either all even or all odd 537
2 Reverse the order of the selected number 735
3 Subtract the smaller number from the larger number



= 198

4 Reverse the result 891
5 Add the numbers from Step 3 and Step 4 together


+  891

=  1089


If this procedure is followed, the result will always be 1089.

Editor's note: This also works with a three digit number where the digits are in descending order... example 765 or 732, etc.


You can use this force in a variety of effects. Your imagination is the only limit. Here is but one example.

For a book test, you can have the first two digits represent a PAGE in a book. The next digit can represent the ROW on the page. Finally the last digit can represent the WORD on the row.

What effects can you come up with using this principle?

Edited by Karl Rabe

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