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Huge News from Abbott Magic!

From our friends in Colon, courtesy of Phil Schwartz at

In 2018, the ownership of Abbott’s Magic will transition to only its fourth owner in 84 years,

Texan Derek Kennedy.

Derek Kennedy at the 2002 MCA in Fort Worth, Texas

Abbott Magic owner, Greg Bordner, made the announcement at tonight's awards ceremony at Abbott’s 80th Magic Get-Together in Colon, Michigan.


Derek Kennedy is well-known to most magic collectors having owned and operated the highly successful magic and costume shop, Fort Worth Costume and Magic, etc. in Fort Worth, Texas for 34 years. Many of us also know him as one of the largest magic apparatus collectors in the world with original pieces from Petrie & Lewis, Thayer, U.F. Grant, MAK, National, Snyder and, of course, Abbott.


Kennedy plans to continue running his impressive store in Fort Worth as well as maintaining the Abbott operations in Colon, Michigan. In fact, his plan is to keep the long-time Abbott staff members and to restore the historic Abbott building.


And, of course, the annual Abbott’s Get-Together will continue in Colon every year. It is one of the biggest and longest-running magic gatherings in the world. August, 2018 will mark its 81st convention.


“We plan to continue offering Abbot's best-known tricks such as Disecto and Hole-In-One.” Kennedy told Thayer Magic. “We’ll also be bringing back some of their other great classics.”

Kennedy envisions an enlarged web presence to offer both the line of Abbott props as well as many of the effect currently offered in Fort Worth.

"The combination of the two businesses provides efficiency and expands what we can offer performers around the world,” he said.



Kennedy said, "Yes we will be (moving to Colon). Lots of work ahead."

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