Ann Arbor Magic Club

IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Secretary’s Report

October Meeting

Our meeting was called to order by club President Dan Jones and we kicked off with our round-table question. The question of the month was, "what is your halloween Tradition". Answers varied from elaborate yard decorations, scary movies, handing out candy, costumes and bonfires.

Then it was on to our opening performer, member Bou-Yu Chen, who performed a portion of his card manipulation act planned for the upcoming club Parlor Show. He then demonstrated and taught members various card manipulation techniques including the card fanning, front palm, back palm, and Tenkai Palm. Bou-Yu also performed a jumbo Card Toon routine. Many members came away with a greater understanding and appreciation for card manipulation.

Our Treasurer Rob Krozal provided the results of our successful Flea Market which the club rebranded as a "Pop-Up Magic Shop" with an effort to generate more engagement from youth in the local community.

Then it was on to member performances.

  • Ken Magee, as Sandy Wedge, performed a golf tee prediction from his golf act.
  • Mike Bogdas performed a bottle in paper-bag comedy routine with the final production of a full bottle of soda. Phil Mann performed a portion of his Parlor act with a dancing hank opening.
  • Chris Johnson performed his ventriloquism routine with his dummy Jack (who prefers to be called "The Great Jacksoni"). After a few lame predictions, the Great Jacksoni correctly predicted the selected card.
  • Then, Ken was back with an elegant Color Vision prop and routine.
  • Mike Doyle performed a spooky mortuary photo prediction and then a Sherlock Holmes book test.
  • Ming and Barbara Louie performed a two person Cuba Libre routine from their act using a beautiful engineered prop from Germany.
  • Dan Jones performed a comedy brick production from paper bag routine
  • and finally Don Oesterwind performed his sponge ball routine before members mingled and said goodnight.

Parlor Show

The Club's Fall Parlor Show went off without a hitch. We had decent size crowds for both the 4pm and 7pm show. We had some great new variety with Bou-yu Chen performing card manipulation and Chris Johnson performing a vent act.


  • Sean Naes - Producer, Rehearsals, Marketing
  • Tracy Howell - Stage Manager


  • Phil Mann
  • Bill & Karl Rabe
  • Dan Jones
  • Bou-yu Chen
  • Chris Johnson (with the Great Jacksoni)
  • Sean Naes
  • Mike Bogdas

Front and Back of House

  • Jim Molnar - Balloons and Stage Hand
  • Brian Campbell - Balloons
  • Carl Wallace - Sound
  • Austin Peczynski - Stage Hand and Mirf Handler
  • Frank Machniak - Usher
  • Patty Rabe - Ticket Table & Popcorn
  • Jackie Clark - Ticket Table and 50/50
  • Rob Krozal - Finance and Concessions
  • Mike Bogdas - Popcorn
  • Bob Goodwin - Marketing / Poster Distribution
  • Dan Jones - Marketing / Poster Distribution
  • Karl Rabe & Dan Jones - Popcorn Machine Mechanics
  • Daniel Kearsey - Graphics Art (
  • Karl Rabe - Online ticketing and marketing


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