Ann Arbor Magic Club

IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Secretary’s Report

Our meeting was called to order by President Dan Jones and we kicked off with our get-to-know-you round table question where members introduced themselves and then told us about their "favorite holiday magic trick". Many members seem to enjoy Halloween the most, although Christmas was a close second. Answers included Mis-Made Flag, Santa Elf Nose, Cake in Dove Pan, Floating Skull, 20th Century Silks and Spider on Back of Hand.

After some bits of business, including financial report from our Treasurer Rob Krozal, it was on to the special event for the evening.

We conducted our first Annual Close-Up Showcase. Six  members were stationed at separate tables and they each performed a 5 minute close-up routine. The audience was divided up across all the tables. After the 5 minute routine a bell was rung and the audience rotated to the next table. Each performer did their routine six times. Mike Bogdas performed a creative and original routine that took the audience on a trip to Tannen's Magic Shop in NYC. Ron Hoole performed a version of Card Warp using a playing card and. a dollar bill. Dan Jones did a routine including a four-jack transformation, a card warp, and a card and die prediction trick. Phil Mann did a coin through table, his own variation of coin through record album and finally a variation of the classic Adams' Magic Coin Box. Kevin Peshick performed a rendition of the classic Do as I Do card plot utilizing a mirror though which the magic worked. And finally, Karl Rabe performed a Wild Card routine modeled after Tommy Wonder's handling with an original baseball card twist.

Each spectator then voted for their favorite performance and the winner, Mike Bogdas was awarded the coveted AAMC Close Up Trophy.

Mike Bogdas displays his Closeup Showcase First Place Trophy for his original routine that took spectators on a trip to Tannen’s in NYC. Spectators selected various tricks to be demonstrated and the act concluded with a card box routine and a recommendation from Lou Tannen himself to “vote for Mike”


Sean Naes passed out the autographed and framed posters from our May Show. If you performed in the show and weren't at the meeting to get your poster, follow up with Sean.


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