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The Secretary’s Report

August Meeting

Our meeting was called to order by Dan Jones and we kicked off with our round-table question, "What was the last movie you saw in a theater." Many answers were similar, being the latest releases including Mission Impossible, Barbie and Oppenheimer. Several members strongly recommended "The Sound of Freedom". Next was a special presentation to "Doctor Don" Oesterwind which was a framed copy of the Spring Parlor Show poster signed by the performers.

Then it was time to vote on the proposal to change the name of the club. Ballots were distributed and collected and written absentee ballots were added to the mix. Then Secretary Karl Rabe and Treasurer Rob Krozal counted the votes. As per our Bylaws, in order to pass 2/3 of voters (present at the meeting and written absentee ballots) were needed to vote in favor of the proposal. There were 18 total votes cast and thus 12 Yes votes (2/3 * 12) needed for the measure to pass. The results were as follows...

  • Yes votes in favor - 10 (56%)
  • No votes against - 8 (44%)

The proposal DID NOT pass, so there will be no club name change.

A quick raffle was held for two Abbott's 85th Get Together tote bags donated by Karl and Bill Rabe. Dan Jones and guest Charlie Palko were the winners.

Then it was on to performances.

  • Paul Jones kicked us off with a great performance of Laced Up where a borrowed ring inexplicably becomes threaded on his shoe lace.
  • Next Karl Rabe performed a rendition of the Phil Deck.
  • Phil Mann performed a medley of magic. First was silk surprise, then the color changing die, a dragon tube rose appearance and a rising card in glass effect.
  • Johnny New York performed a seemingly impossible any card at any number variation.
  • Then Don Oesterwind did an impromptu routine with his trusty Hopping Halves.
  • John Russell explained some tips on the use of a Svengali deck and roughing fluid for card forcing, including some methods of marking the force cards to prevent mistakes as a worker.
  • Dan Jones did a couple of thumb tip routines including pulling a silk rabbit from a silk hat as well as a card warp routine using a bill and a card.

The official meeting adjourned and members jammed for another hour or so.

Summer Cookout

President Dan Jones hosted a summer cookout at his house in Livonia. We had a good turnout and lots of food, fellowship and magic! Chef Mike Bogdas manned the grill, cooking up delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. Most brought a tradition cookout dish to pass. For desert Karl & Bill brought their ice cream cart with a selection of frozen goodies. Thanks to Jim Molnar for bringing two big pop-up tents which provided everyone much needed shade and protection from a brief sprinkle.

Mike Bogdas performed a Wolfs Magic effect called Pea Shoot.


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