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IBM 210 - SAM 88

Issue: Magic Messenger September 2022

Our Rich Magical History

William Robinson, aka Chung Ling Soo – Part 3 Last month we looked at a couple of Robinson’s stage illusions. This month I will wrap up Robinson with Soo’s Bullet Catch, the effect he died doing; however, there are a couple of other things to consider to fill out a fuller character of Robinson. Robinson […]

Mathamagically Speaking

This month we have a special edition to the Messenger. Our resident Mathemagician, Bob Goodwin will periodically be sharing math related magic, methods, products and puzzles with us. This month Bob and Karl collaborated on a method for forcing a number, dubbed by Bob as “The Stack Force” The Stack Force; A Handy Tool for Mentalism […]

From the Archives

From the Archives will periodically take a look back at photos, documents and other memorabilia from the clubs archives. We didn’t have to dig too far down into the pile to find this photo of George Honer performing a Mental Epic routine.  

Around the Town

Our Club Members Do you want to see some Magic? Sean Naes will be appearing at the Michigan Renaissance Festival as Cap’n Sean. It’s a great act. Ming and Barbara Louie have been performing all summer and into the fall at Apple orchards. Ask them when and where. Who else is out there? Please spread […]

The President’s Corner

We have some exciting magic events coming up this fall. On Sunday, September 25th we are hosting our annual magic flea market at the Safe Step Company headquarters. If you haven’t reserved your table(s) yet please see Rob Krozal our Treasurer at the meeting or contact him to do so. We all have magic effects to […]

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