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IBM 210 - SAM 88

Issue: Magic Messenger November 2023

Mathamagically Speaking

Mathematically Speaking #3 Forcing the Number 9 Bob Goodwin Last issue I explored using a Magic Square as a force. This month I will be covering the force of the number 9. Using a 2-digit number selected by the volunteer, a couple of operations are performed, and the result is the number 9. How to Force […]

The Secretary’s Report

October Meeting Our meeting was called to order by club President Dan Jones and we kicked off with our round-table question. The question of the month was, “what is your halloween Tradition”. Answers varied from elaborate yard decorations, scary movies, handing out candy, costumes and bonfires. Then it was on to our opening performer, member […]

Around the Town

Calendar of Events IMPORTANT: For our December meeting we will be holding a Pizza Party at the PCAC. Arrive at the normal time and come hungry! We will also be holding a white-elephant gift exchange.If you’d like to participate, bring a magic trick, book or prop from your collection. ($20.00 limit). Wrap it or put it […]

The President’s Corner

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 8th from 7-9 pm at the Plymouth Community Arts Council. We are really looking to this meeting as we have invited Fred Lenter to perform and lecture for us on Coin Magic. Fred is a Detroit area magician and member of the Detroit Magic Club (Ring […]

On the Cover

Performers take a bow at the club’s Fall Parlor Show. Left to right, Phil Mann, Bill Rabe, Karl Rabe, Dan Jones, Bou-yu Chen, Chris Johnson (with the Great Jacksoni), Mike Bogdas and Sean Naes.

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