Ann Arbor Magic Club

IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Secretary’s Report

In December we had a holiday Pizza Party with a White Elephant Gift Exchange and lots of jamming and performances by club members. It was a great time with some cool gifts and everyone had a blast.

  • Sean distributed Posters to the latest Parlor Show performers.
  • Barbara Louie very kindly distributed tiny handmade baskets with a wrapped up thumb tip coil inside.
  • Sean, Karl, Don and a few others made a bottle of Houdini Wine disappear.
  • Visiting guest, Alex Heath, shared an awesome cups and balls routine.
  • Ming and Barbara did a mind reading trick.
  • Karl and Bill did a comedy handcuff escape with Bouyu's assistance.
  • Sean did his rendition of Cups and Balls.
  • Mirf performed a pick a card / find it routine (Sean assisted)
  • Apologies I know I missed others. We didn't take notes.



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