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IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Secretary’s Report

Special thanks to Mike Bogdas and Sean Naes for taking notes and or sending them electronically.

December's meeting kicked off with President Dan Jones sharing some important upcoming dates. See the Around the Town section below for more information.

Next the question of the month was, "What is your strangest magic trick?"

Then it was on to the White elephant gift exchange accompanied by magic, music, candy and a fun. One of the gifts was a collectable deck of cards from the IBM 100th anniversary convention this past August in Atlanta. The cards were brought by Don Oesterwind who attended the convention with Gerald Heilman.

Gerald (Gerry) graciously donated a door prize at the meeting consisting of two collectable posters from the IBM event. One of David Copperfield and the other signed by all the performers. Very nice Gerry. Thank You. They were won by Bob Goodwin.
Also, a special thank you to Barbara Louie who gave each of us a hand made Christmas ornament.


  • John Russell didn't perform but rather shared his new lottery trick and discussed how he approached refining it and fixing problems to make it better. 
  • Ming performed a ring on chain trick which he dubbed Santa's Ball and Chain for the occasion.
  • Mike Bogdas performed a “real viewer” prediction where a spectator looked through a picture viewer and predicted a famous landmark.
  • Bob Goodwin performed a brand new trick where me made five random numbers predict a card.
  • Johnny New York read the shoulders of 8 spectators and predicted each one of the cards they merely thought of.


Dan Jones and Sean taught everyone how to juggle. 

Finally, the meeting was officially adjourned, but everyone talked and jammed after until it was time to close the doors.


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