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The Secretary’s Report

We kicked-off with Magic and our Kick-off Performer this month was Club President Dan Jones. Dan started with a jumbo four-card routine that centered on his Dad getting Dan to do his chores. Apparently Dan's continued failure to select the Face Card doomed him to a life of indentured servitude... at least while he was living at home. Next Dan performed a nice Silk Blow color-changing effect where a sip of a colored liquid from a glass caused a white silk to change colors when blown through the tube. Ultimately he ended up with a chain of three silks.



Next we welcomed new member Mark Wilson Phelps (no relation). Mark is self-proclaimed as the "Okayest Magician" and hails from Farmington Michigan. Mark's passion is for coin slight-of-hand but also performs some card magic and other close-up.

We also welcomed a guest Brian Campbell. Brian is a Professional Santa and is interested in adding some magic effects to his repetoir.

Then it was on to our Self Introductions and Magic Question roundtable. In recognition of Valentine's Day, this month's question was "What do you love about magic". A bonus question was to share what trick you might perform for couples.

  • Many responses centered on the joy and wonder we bring to our audiences and the making of memories.
  • The camaraderie and joy of sharing the love of magic with fellow magicians was also high on the list. The exchange of ideas and the generosity of magicians willing to share the art with others was mentioned.
  • The psychology involved in magic was of interested to many.
  • The creativity and the ability to contribute to the art form of Magic as also high on several people's list.
  • A few mentioned that they are interested in the history of magic and how it all comes together.
  • As to magic for couples, Anniversary Waltz (available FREE from Penguin Magic) was mentioned as well as Sponge Rabbits (and their ability to reproduce), any trick where the spectators take away a souvenir and specifically "Double Exposure".

Bits of Business

Sean provided an update on our next Parlor Show. The will be two shows on one day. The times will be determined soon. Sean shared we hope to do a number of rehearsals via Zoom to allow us more rehearsal time without travel time. Work has started on the poster. Volunteers will be needed for all aspects of the show. We can use walk-around performers, greeters, concessions, ushers, stage hands. This is a great opportunity to learn how a show is put on. Contact Sean directly to sign-up.

Everyone was reminded of upcoming events.... see Around the Town for details

  • March Lecture with Erik Tait. This will be IN PLACE of our usual meeting, at the same time and location as we normally meet. Admittance is $10 for members of the AAMC and affiliated clubs, $20 for non-members.
  • AAMC Open House at the Plymouth District Library. Volunteers are needed - Contact Bob Goodwin.

Karl shared that the PRIVATE Facebook group is up and running. This is a place members can share with each other. You can join here if you already haven't. This group is private for AAMC members only.

Phil Mann has generously offered to invite members over to his "Cave of Wonders" for magic and fun. When this is planned, Karl will help communicate to members.


This month teach-a-trick was on the Mercury Card Fold. Sean brought in a crate of used casino cards and walked members through a tutorial. Then we all folded cards until our fingers were sore as more experienced members gave pointers and coached. If you want to continue learning the Mercury Card Fold, these are a couple of sources.


  • This move requires a lot of practice to make a consistently neat fold.
  • It is easier to learn with half of a deck before learning it with a full deck.
  • There are tools available, such as The Bullet, to perfectly score the card that makes if fold perfectly much more easily.


Next it was on to performances.

  • Karl performed two routines using the Mercury Card fold. First, was signed card to shoe which involved volunteer Mike Bogdas wearing a mask to protect him from the smell (and to provide more than ample misdirection for the fold). Second was Karl's unique take on signed card to Altoid tin. Karl will detail the construction of this gimmick in a future Inventor's Workshop.
  • Captain Sean then shared a Rum toast with volunteer Phil Mann, visibly pouring two shots of rum from a bottle. Then Sean produced a huge (dry) sail from the same bottle.
  • Phil Mann shared a number of recent acquisitions including a Dragon Box, a Crystal Box, a Crystal Dice Cube with color changing dice, a wand for vanishing silks, a silk production Pagoda and a dragon tube to silk to rose effect.
  • Mike Bogdas shared a clever Arm Chopper his Grandfather built that is "foolproof" and can be operated by the spectator. There is no need for the magician to "throw a switch" to activate the secret.
  • New member Mark Phelps shared a slight-of-hand card change routine. Mark tried to pull a card named by Phil Mann out of the center of the deck and apparently failed... but then redeemed himself by visibly changing that card into Phil's selected card.
  • Michael Doyle shared a couple routines. He did a Zodiak Prediction (Novis by Ellusionist w/ Peek Smith) and a Dice Roll Prediction (Mental Dice).
  • For a magnificent finale Don Oesterwind performed Jumbo Sidekick assisted by Jacob Oesterwind. Fitting the theme of Love, Don shared the back-story of his long unrequited love of the Collector's Workshop Jumbo Sidekick and his ultimate fulfillment of his dream to acquire one for himself. Jacob demonstrated his poor aim, time and time again, as the props were seemingly destroyed until ultimately Don was able to make order out of chaos and produce the selected card!

Jacob and Don Oesterwind perform Jumbo Sidekick

Then it was on socializing and jamming for the remainder of the night.

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