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IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Secretary’s Report

Our meeting was called to order by President Dan Jones. Dan gave us a couple of quick reminders.

  • Our Parlor Show is scheduled for May 25 at 4 pm and 7 pm at the Plymouth Community Arts Council located at 774 Sheldon Rd in Plymouth, MI 48170. Volunteers are needed for both front and back of the house. Contact our Vice President Sean Howell if you are able to help out.
  • Dan also reminded us that next month will be our Close-up Showcase. All six performance slots have been filled. The six performers will be April Barrett, Phil Mann, Charlie Palko, Alex Heath, Kevin Peshick and our newest member Michael Thornton. Members are encouraged to invite guest to help fill out the audience. There will be six performance stations and the audience will be divided into six groups. They will rotate from performer to performer every 5 minutes. At the end audience members will vote for their favorite and the winner will be awarded the coveted AAMC Close Up Showcase Award.

Then it was on to the main event which was lecture by Michigan's own Nathan Kranzo. Nathan last lectured for the club 6 years ago and the turnout this time was even better, bringing in a number of guests from The Detroit Magic Club. Nathan came with a load of new material and one old favorite.

Nathan Kranzo Lecture

The crowd loved Moneyball where a quarter turns into a bouncy ball, Nathan performed and taught Schrödinger's Card (is the card in the pocket or in the deck?). Everyone loved Repetition which is a really creative, unrecognizable and fresh take on the old Six Card Repeat. Nathan taught Dark Triumph which as you may have guessed is a take on Dai Vernon's Triumph. Nathan did several coin effects with the Organic Copper, Silver and Brass set using a washer, a quarter and a centavo. Nathan brought back the favorite Tru Test/MagazineTest, a baffling effect in which the mentalist divines a thought of word randomly torn from a page in a magazine. Throughout the lecture Nathan interjected bits of comedy, magic and gags that the audience loved. The official lecture was over and then it was on to socializing and magic jamming.

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