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The Secretary’s Report

Bob Goodwin Featured Performer

Bob Goodwin stepped in at the last minute as our featured performer and kicked off our June meeting with a nice presentation of a prediction routine involving an audience created wine from the Lazy Magician's Winery. The entertaining routine called for a quick round of pallet cleansing after due to the unusual wine ingredients which Bob correctly predicted.

Next up was introduction of a new guest and potential member, Dalton Pittman-Cahill. Dalton has a background in the performing arts and likes mentalism.

Kevin Peshik shared some background on the artwork he donated for this month's door prize. Read about Chung Ling Soo in Kevin's column "Our Rich Magical History" in last month's Messenger. Debbie Mann was the proud winner of the door prize. Rumor has it Phil Mann will be getting a framed photo of Chung Ling Soo for his birthday this year.


Next up, Don Oesterwind announced that Board had secured a new location for our monthly meeting. Our next meeting will be at the Plymouth Community Arts Council located at 774 N. Sheldon Road at Junction Street in Plymouth, MI 48170. This is just South of M-14 at the Sheldon Road exit. We will continue to meet on the same date and the same time --- the Second Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Please note that this is a change from our previous "restaurant" venue. If you wish to gather with your fellow magicians before or after the meeting for a bite to eat or cocktail, you will need to coordinate that yourself. This is a great location that will offer a more professional atmosphere for performing. It will also enable us to use the facility to hold shows. There will be no change to membership dues and there will not be a door charge for attending meetings. The club plans on organizing a Club Show two times a year to raise funds to suplement facility charges. You can see pictures of the facility and the recent facility upgrades they have performed here. We will share more about our plans for this new venue in the coming days.

Art Council Main Meeting Room


It was time for performances.


  • Ming and Barbara Louie brought their incredible mind reading duck that was able to find the selected cards even when blindfolded. Later it was revealed the duck was cheating. It was a Peaking Duck.
  • Kevin Peshik transformed water into ice which he proceeded to dump into his glass and then take a drink
  • Phil Mann Performed the Genie Tube and a variation of the Diminishing Milk glasses. Pouring a red liquid from larger glasses into progressively smaller glasses and then incredibly repeating in reverse.
  • Mike Bogdas performed a calendar prediction routine
  • Johnny New York correctly located four separate "thought of" cards from a borrowed deck.

The meeting was adjourned. See you all next month.

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