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The President’s Corner

Hello AAMC Members and Friends,

What a GREAT year we've had here in the club. We hosted two great lectures with Erik Tait and last month with Fred Lenter. We had two great parlor shows, helped run a summer magic camp, held a summer time picnic, conducted a close-up competition and held our magic flea market.

We have grown our membership by at least a half dozen this year. Our club's purpose is to promote the art of magic and that's what we are doing through our shows, lectures and appearances at the library. We gather together as magicians, magic enthusiasts, historians and friends to share the art and learn from each other.

But we need your help. What do you want from the AAMC in 2024? Please share your ideas with us. Would you like to see more lectures? Would you like to teach at one of our meetings or lead a discussion? Talk to me or another board member.

The plans are being made for the coming year. How will you be involved?

Happy Holidays to All.
Dan Jones, President AAMC.

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