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The President’s Corner

Hello Fellow Magi of the Ann Arbor Magic Club and Friends,

At the end of January, your board met face-to-face for a planning session for the year. Here is a snapshot of the goals we have set for the club in 2024. If you have any questions about these goals, please ask any board member.

Just to point out a few goals specifically...

  • We grew to 47 members in 2023 and we want to continue that growth into 2024. You can help us by spreading the word and encouraging new members. To help you do that, we plan on having a fresh batch of club business cards printed and we will distribute to members to use.
  • We also want to make branded tees, polos, hoodies and hats available for members to purchase at cost. Look for more information soon on that topic.
  • The club is nothing without you the members and your help. Look for more information soon on a system for recognizing members that participate and volunteer for club events.
  • We want to achieve 501(c)(3) status with the IRS so donors can take a tax deduction and so we will be eligible to be awarded grants. Currently the club does not have that status.
  • We will continue to put on two parlor shows a year, the cornerstone of our club.

We've had a great start to the new year and I hope we are all looking forward to the coming months. Please take out your calendars and mark these dates down.

  • Our February meeting is on Valentine's Day,  Feb. 14th from 7-9 pm at the Plymouth Community Arts Council as always.
  • At our March meeting on the 13th we are hosting a lecture by Michigan magician Nathan Kranzo.
  • On April 10th we will present the second annual "Close Up Showcase" where members can compete for a trophy and bragging rights in the club. More details at the meeting.
  • Our spring parlor show is scheduled for Saturday, May 25th at the PCAC.
  • The AAMC summer picnic will be on Saturday, August 10th from 12-3pm at my home in Livonia.
  • Our annual AAMC Pop Up Magic Shop (magic flea market) is set for Saturday, Sept. 28th from 12-3 pm at the PCAC.

There will also be other opportunities to perform and help out at open houses to promote our club and parlor shows. Please step up and let us know where you can help out.

Related to one of our goals, here is an important message from your board regarding non-profit status.

Recently your board met for it's annual planning session and the future looks exciting! One of the goals was to verify our 501c3 non profit status so that we can offer tax deductions for donations and apply for grants. For example, we would like to add a program to the Parlor Show and sell advertising to local businesses to raise additional funds for the club and enhance our outreach with the community.

We consulted a CPA in order to understand what it would require to obtain our 501c3 and we discovered that, in 1999 when we were incorporated as a Michigan Domestic Nonprofit, incorporation documents required to be filed with the IRS (federal government) were not filed. The window for redemption to file according to the IRS is 3 years.

The recommendation from the CPA is that the only solution available to achieve non-profit status is to start over. We will file new articles of incorporation under a new legal name (not to be confused with the club name) and file the appropriate paperwork to achieve our 501c3 status hopefully by June of this year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to bring them to the beginning of our next meeting. We will have post-its available to jot down your questions in an effort to save time and get to the real reason we're all here…Magic!


Dan Jones, President of AAMC.

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