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Graham Robert Putnam, born in Lansing, Michigan, passed away under hospice care in his home in Dexter, Michigan on October 31, 2023. He was 76. Graham was one of the founding members of the Ann Arbor Magic Club.

Graham was the long time owner of Chicago-based FUN Inc, manufacturing magic tricks and novelties, one of which was “Whoops” the original rubber vomit. Graham also owned at one time Royal Magic and Fishlove Novelties. FUN Inc made the prizes for Cracker Jack for many years.

Graham owned the rights to, and manufactured, the ubiquitous "Coloring Book" which has sold tens of thousands of copies. Each copy had to be hand cut and collated. Graham's wife Katheryn helped with this task and shared it was not one she looked forward to.

Graham’s last performance was earlier this year at his daughter’s wedding where he gave a father-of-the-bride speech and performed card tricks for guests.

His family held a memorial celebration on December 2nd at the Michigan League in Ann Arbor. Local magic colleagues Karl, Patty and Bill Rabe, Kevin Peshick, Michael Mode and Jeff Wawrzaszek were present along with other including Gabe Fajuri of Potter and Potter Auctions and Greg Border of Abbott's Magic. Laying about at the celebration for impromptu performances were Yakkity-Yak teeth, plenty of playing cards, Fake Vomit and ropes for Professor's Nightmare.

For the past several years, Kevin Peshick has organized a bi-weekly breakfast gathering in Ann Arbor with local magicians. Frequent attendees included Graham, Kevin, Karl Rabe, Jeff Wawrzaszek, Sean Howell and others for fellowship, food and to talk magic and anything else. Graham had an unbelievably rich history in magic and had endless stories to tell at those breakfast gatherings. Even non-magic stories like how Fun Inc manufactured Cracker Jacks prizes was fascinating. He was a walking encyclopedia of magic and just an all-around great guy. He will be missed.
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