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Mathamagically Speaking #5

Mathematically Speaking #5 The Force Square Bob Goodwin This month we will explore something known as a Force Square. The Force Square allows you to force a particular number by seeming random selections made by a spectator from a matrix of numbers.   How to create a force square Step Action Example 1 Select your […]

Mathamagically Speaking

Mathematically Speaking #3 Forcing the Number 9 Bob Goodwin Last issue I explored using a Magic Square as a force. This month I will be covering the force of the number 9. Using a 2-digit number selected by the volunteer, a couple of operations are performed, and the result is the number 9. How to Force […]

Mathamagically Speaking

Mathematically Speaking #4 The 1089 Force Bob Goodwin This month we will explore a simple technique to force the number 1089. This number is special because it can easily be forced in a convincing manner. Procedure Step Action Example 1 Have the spectator select 3 different digits, either all even or all odd 537 2 […]

Mathamagically Speaking

#2 Forces: The Magic Square In this and the next three issues of Mathamagically Speaking, I will explore four different ways of forcing a number on a spectator. This month I will cover The Magic Square. Specifically we will be covering the Pandiagonal Magic Square. Traditionally a Magic Square is a square array of numbers (integers specifically) […]

Mathamagically Speaking

This month we have a special edition to the Messenger. Our resident Mathemagician, Bob Goodwin will periodically be sharing math related magic, methods, products and puzzles with us. This month Bob and Karl collaborated on a method for forcing a number, dubbed by Bob as “The Stack Force” The Stack Force; A Handy Tool for Mentalism […]

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