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Teller Review’s Gene Anderson’s Pure GENEius

Gene Anderson, a long time friend of the Ann Arbor Magic Club, has a new book out and it is getting rave reviews -- even from magicians that aren't known for having much to say...Book Cover 2h5 150[3]

Teller 2h5 150 brt[3]“This book is a gold mine in which the gold has been dug out of the mountain, refined, melted into perfect ingots, and polished. Anderson gives full details of sources, construction, handling and presentation of his superb repertoire. The layout and illustrations do what books excel at (and what’s missing in most magic videos): they identify the essentials in a way that’s easy to examine and study. Anderson also laces his work with pithy pro observations, for example this about adding an additional prover to a trick that’s already a knockout: ‘At that point in the routine, laymen are already over the cliff. If you push harder, will they fall farther?’”

– Teller, Las Vegas

Gene says, "If you know about The Book, you just might buy it. It’s only available from me. A full description and ordering details are on my website at And now you know."

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