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Is Paying Online via Paypal Safe and Secure?

You will notice that we have added the capability of paying online for dues and our banquet. Thanks to our Treasurer John Russell for helping to make this possible. This capability is implemented via Paypal. If you haven't considered getting a Paypal account, I would encourage you to do so. Not only is it handy for our club, I use Paypal all the time when I am buying or selling with others online (such as purchasing items for sale on It give individuals like you and I the ability to make and receive payments electronically without having to share our credit card number with an individual or being able to accept someone else's credit card.

You can read more on Paypal's FAQs.

Paypal acts as a trusted third party. When you pay your dues online, you are dealing directly with Paypal. At no time is your credit card or password accessible or stored on our website. As an IT professional with 25 years experience in IT Security and Compliance, I can say for myself that I have no hesitation in using Paypal.

Finally, I applaud this initiative by John Russell. In order for our Club to attract new and younger members, our business processes need to be current with the culture and times. You will find that for the most part check books are becoming extinct. Young adults today pay for virtually everything with debit cards or via electronic payments. We need this capability to stay current and efficient.

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Karl Rabe

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