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IBM 210 - SAM 88

The Inventor’s Notebook #13 – Solo Soliloquy

The Inventor’s Notebook #13 Solo Soliloquy Karl Rabe I’m going to share a gimmick I invented (as far as I know), however this is a gimmick in search of a routine. I’ll share my thought process on assembling a routine, although I don’t have a specific one in mind yet. Maybe you have some ideas. […]

Tony Saputo

Tony F Supato A Broken-Wand ceremony was held for Long time Ann Arbor Magic Club member Tony F. Saputo March 12th, 2018 at Phillips Funeral Home in South Lyon, Michigan. Tony passed away March 8, 2018 at the age of 70. Tony was a member of the Ann Arbor Magic Club and performed magic shows […]

Magic Messenger for March 2018

The Magic Messenger for March 2018 has been posted. In this edition, President Scott Mitchell shares how he transformed an act for the birds, club Secretary Joaquin M. Ayala recaps the last meeting which wasn’t all hot air and finally in his column Ex Libris, Joaquin introduces the Chicago Series which I guarantee is Bound to […]

The Inventor’s Notebook #12 – Sew What?

The Inventor’s Notebook #12 Sew What? Karl Rabe What are the skills that can most benefit someone who wants to make their own magic props? A few readily pop to mind. Woodworking, Metal Working, welding, Arts & Crafts, Electronics, etc. One of the skills that I have found to be surprisingly beneficial and often overlooked […]

The Magic Messenger for February 2018

In this issue, newly elected Club President Scott Mitchell changes it up in his inaugural edition of “Mentoring Magic”. Club Secretary Dr. Joaquin M. Ayala introduces “Notes from the Quill” and updates us on a new feature. Finally you can count on Joaquin to share another great book in his Ex Libris feature. On this month’s […]

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