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The Inventor’s Notebook Issue #6 – Throw that Dog a Bone

At the January 2017 club meeting, Gene Anderson lectured based on his new book, Pure GENEius. Pure GENEius is available at Gene’s Website.

One of his routines that sparked my imagination was his die box routine with a mock Priest Sermon / Old Mother Hubbard theme. Not only is it different from the run  of the mill die box routine, it is also very funny with lots of opportunity for by-play.

In a nutshell the idea I had was for a Milk Bone Dog Biscuit Carton Sliding Die Box. It embraces Gene’s “cupboard” idea and substitutes a box of dog biscuits for the die. The fact that in his version of the routine the die so wisely completely disappears never to return makes the Milk Bone box all the more practical. I’ll share the process I am going through to turn this idea into reality.

My first step was to contact Gene and run the idea by him and make sure he didn’t have any concerns with me making this for my own use. He was very gracious in giving his blessings.

From: Gene Anderson
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 4:19 PM
To: Rabe, Karl (GE Digital)
Subject: Re: Gene’s Die Routine…

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your e-mail. Absolutely you have my blessing. You needn’t even ask because you are supposed to do every one of the routines in my book! But I love people with high ethical standards, so I very much appreciate your courtesy in asking.

<content edited>

The Milk Bone carton is very good idea, and it will surely work. It will fool people too. Yes, Karl, please make it up. I want to see it performed when I can. Go forth and DO, and do so with my very best wishes.

Gene Anderson

Right now this is mostly just an idea. I bought the box, took some measurements, made up some drawings and modified the box to convert the Milk Bone box into a “shell” with a gimmicked shaker to make it sound like it is a full box.

Click on the drawing to see a bigger version.

I haven’t started building the die-box yet. I’ll share progress when this reaches more of a finished state.

I hope this sparks your imagination as to how even complete refined routines can be approached from a different angle.

Karl Rabe

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